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Professional Store

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Shopping for your business on Portostore is quick and easy. You can complete the order as and when you prefer, in a few steps, directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Browse the product catalog and find out the main information: origin, place of shipment and estimated delivery.

The description, the images, the technical characteristics such as the average weight, the storage temperature, the shelf life and the price are the elements that help you to buy consciously.

Furthermore, every day on the application homepage, you will find current promotions, best-selling products and recommended ones. To simplify your purchases you can use the direct search or the division into categories and thanks to the My products section you can quickly re-order your most frequent items.

With Portostore you can keep track of the shopping list, the quantity and the cost of the products you have added to the cart.

By registering you will have access to an account where you can view all the orders placed and consult the statistics relating to your purchasing activity by single product and category. The simplicity of ordering the best.

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