For forty years we have been selecting the best local Italian producers and quality raw materials for our customers.

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Forty years that speak of love for our work, of skills gained to best meet the demands of those who turn to us to supply their business. A long professional experience, acquired day by day directly in the field, which today we transfer to our customers, selecting for them the best local Italian producers and quality raw materials. We are looking for those who know how to make them with the same dedication that we put into offering our service and taking care of human and commercial relationships. Let's try what we choose and make this knowledge our greatest knowledge.

We like the idea that the products of our regions can become the ingredients for those who make food their profession: the bright red of tomatoes and the whiteness of mozzarella, the golden threads of oil and the pink hues of a raw 30 months. The intense green of seasonal basil. Colors we know well.

As well as perfumes that are the essence of good things. These are the traces that we have followed from the beginning to seek inspiration and build our experience. Portolano is research and specialized offer in made in Italy food.

Via De Troya, 26/28 - 25010 Borgosatollo, Brescia